PAYG Automotive Data

It couldn't be simpler

OBDCloud id the World's first Pay-As-You-Go Automotive data provider allowing you to pay for what you use and not a monthly or yearly package.

With an array of features, find out below why so many garages are switching to OBD Cloud.

No Contracts. Just Crystal Clear Pricing

OBD Cloud comes with no contracts, no monthly subscriptions and no repeat payments. Simply select a manufacturer, a model and a model series and then choose an available data set – then simply click Buy.

The data will then be emailed to you directly and stored in your data vault so you can access it from your account.

Pay As You Go - 100% Credit Based

All our data is Pay As You Go so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Starting from as little as 60 Pence you can purchase exactly what you need and then build it into the job you are working on, eliminating the use for expensive yearly and monthly contracts costing hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Cloud Based - Access via your Phone, Tablet and PC

OBDCloud is a truly cloud based system – this means you can access the data from anywhere in the world, at any time. All you need is a device with a web browser.

OBDCloud can be accessed from your phone, tablet, laptop, PC, diagnostic tool – even you’re Smart TV! If it has a web browser, you can access our extensive database of automotive data – 24 Hours a day – 365 days a year.

Extensive Coverage with over 29,000 Vehicles

We have an extensive database of over 29,000 vehicles.

Powered by Autodata, you can be sure the information you’re getting is correct and accurate from the industry experts.

Download, Print and Email

All the data you purchase is first emailed to you and then secured in your data vault.

From your data vault you can download, email and print this data at any time.

Because your data is stored in your data vault you can access it instantly by simply signing in your account.

Your in Safe Hands - Google Compute & SSL Security

All your data is secured by SSL security eliminating the threat of hackers and data attacks.

All our systems are powered by Google Compute – The same technology that is used by industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, London Heathrow Airport, Met Office and Sage.

One System - A Billion Devices

Access our system on anything with a web browser.

On Mobile

Our system works on all the latest versions of Smartphone including IPhone and Android.

On Tablet

Our system can also be accessed on any tablet device – all you need is a HTML5 powered web browser.


Simply visit to access your account on any PC – all you need is your username and password.

Start taking control of your Overheads and reduce your Costs

Find out how people are saving money with OBDCloud

No setup fees, no contracts

Our customers no longer have to pay hundreds or thousands of pounds a year; you simply purchase what you need, when you need it.

Build the cost into your jobs

If you need to purchase some data simply print the relevant data, and then build it into the job you are working on. You can now get industry leading data on a need to know, job specific basis.

Industry leading powered by Autodata

Here at OBDCloud we decided that it was important to go with an industry leading name – and there is no one better provider than Autodata. Our data is available in 16 different languages and has unrivalled coverage.

Discuss and share solutions and fixes

Our in depth community forum allows professionals and enthusiasts alike to help solve and share knowledge and fixes by grouping codes together to easily diagnose common problems.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Get exactly what your after in 4 four easy steps.

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Select a Vehicle

You can find a vehicle by either selecting a manufacturer, model and model series or by simply enter a registration number.

Choose a Data Set

Select a data set that you are interested in. Our data sets start from as little as 60 pence.

Select a Variant

Next, select a variant of the data type that is best suited to you vehicle/geographical region.

View, Download & Print

The data is then emailed to you, and placed in your data vault. The data can then be viewed, downloaded, emailed and printed.

Create a Free Account

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